30 most shocking late night scandals

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27. Madonna drops a stream of F-bombs on Letterman

Ever since her rise to fame in the 1980s, Madonna has long been a source of controversy. She’s very outspoken and doesn’t shy away from using foul language or talking about sex. So maybe when she came onto David Letterman’s show in 1994, the crew should have been expecting something controversial to happen on the program.

As you can expect, Madonna would deliver. She brings a pair of panties on to offer Letterman, insisting he smell them on the air. But what the TV censors really wouldn’t like was how she’d let loose with the F-word, spouting it out left and right. In total, she would drop the F-bomb 14 total times. It was clear during her appearance she was getting on Letterman’s nerves as well.

Madonna playfully refuses to leave the set as well, effectively bumping the next guest off the show. During a commercial break, she had to be literally led off the stage, otherwise the Counting Crows performance was going to get bumped as well.

Humorously enough, it doesn’t seem as if Madonna has changed at all. In January 2017, the famous singer would make similar headlines dropping more F-bombs on CNN. At least she’s staying true to who she is.