30 most shocking late night scandals

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4. Jimmy Fallon accused of having a serious problem outside of work

It’s not exactly surprising to realize Jimmy Fallon might be a bit of a partier. He’s certainly someone you could expect to see throwing a few back in the club. But what seems to be the case is that Fallon enjoys drinking just a bit too much. In the fall of 2016, sources close to him were allegedly saying Jimmy’s drinking was getting out of control.

Things would get so bad that NBC actually had to warn Fallon to cut back on his alcoholism. This came after several publicized instances of Fallon and alcohol. This includes getting injuries at home, such as slipping on a rug and severely harming his ring finger. A sadder reported incident came later when Fallon was spotted hitting the bottle alone in a bar at 3AM. He hadn’t had a major incident yet, but it seemed he was heading down that slippery slope.

While the network might have showed concern, they still back Fallon completely. His contract was extended for several more years and NBC has no plans of cutting him loose anytime soon. As far as his drinking habits go, he is said to have since cut down on the booze.