30 most shocking late night scandals

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29. Sinead O’Connor accuses Arsenio Hall of dealing drugs to Prince

You’re reading the title of this entry correct. It seems like an inappropriate Mad Libs game, but it’s a legitimate headline. In the wake of Prince’s death, fellow musician Sinead O’Connor would take to Facebook to blame former talk show host Arsenio Hall. This is a thing that actually happened.

In 2016, as we all know by now, the legendary Prince tragically passed away. His death would later be attributed to an accidental overdose. This would raise the question of Prince’s drug use for many people. Enter Sinead O’Connor, who took to her official Facebook account to blame Arsenio Hall for getting Prince into drugs. As she says in the post:

"“Two words for the DEA investigating where [P]rince got his drugs over the decades…. Arsenio Hall (AKA Prince’s and Eddie Murphy’s bitch)”"

O’Connor goes on to suggest that it’s foolish to think of Prince not being a “long time drug user”. The singer also claims to have called the police about Hall supplying Prince with drugs, saying for him to “expect a call” from the Carver County Sheriff’s Office. On top of that, she also accuses Hall of “spiking” her one time at Eddie Murphy’s house.

Arsenio has since sued O’Connor with a multi-million dollar lawsuit, saying her claims are totally untrue. But the singer is completely sticking by her story.