30 most shocking late night scandals

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13. Jimmy Kimmel gets roasted after making fun of YouTube gamers

The concept of people watching other people play video games on YouTube baffles some of us. For some, it just seems so strange to sit there and watch other people play games for hours. Jimmy Kimmel is someone that thinks it’s stupid, and he demonstrates as much in a sketch he made about it. After he uploaded the skit to YouTube, the results were probably not what he was hoping for.

In the skit, a lot of swings are taken at YouTube gamers and the people who watch them. Perhaps not so surprisingly, the YouTube community wasn’t laughing about having Kimmel mock them. The parody video would quickly grow far higher dislikes than likes, making it an official fail.

The comments section wasn’t much kinder. Practically every comment would eviscerate Kimmel, tearing him to shreds. He’s spun as being an out of touch old man, unable to understand the trends of today. Some viewers also call him a hypocrite, while others just say that he’s not funny. In any case, the video certainly misses the mark, and it would wind up as one of Kimmel’s more embarrassing moments from his career.