30 most shocking late night scandals

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15. The Arsenio Hall Show writer gets accused of sexual battery

This scandal involves one of the writers of a late night talk show as opposed to a guest or host. In 1994, three men would file a sexual battery complaint against the show. They’d start a lawsuit against Paramount and the show itself based on this alleged abuse. This is all based on something that happened during the casting process for a sketch.

The perpetrator in question is Lawrence Amoros, who was casting for a skit. This skit was said to be looking for “men with small butts”. At least three actors, the three which filed the suit, claim that they were ordered by Amoros to strip down in front of him. The men are accusing Amoros of then fondling their buttocks and genitals, going so far as to “take notes” about them as well.

After this news became public, Amoros was booted from the show. This also meant that the planned sketch, which was going to be an exercise commercial spoof, would never air. To be more specific, it was a Thighmaster parody for a fictional product called the Buttmaster. It doesn’t sound very funny anyway, so perhaps that ended up working out.