30 most shocking late night scandals

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16. Jimmy Fallon takes heat for “softballing” Donald Trump

The 2016 presidential election is certainly the most bitter one to happen in a very long time. Supporters of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were so divided, causing a lot of contention between them. It turns out that many voters of one particular candidate were liable to take offense if someone else was treating the opposing candidate with respect.

That’s the situation Jimmy Fallon would find himself in after a September 2016 interview with Donald Trump. Critics would complain that Fallon was apparently too soft on Trump, as if his questions were not hard-hitting enough. Like his interviews typically go, Fallon kept things light, and Trump wasn’t grilled on his political stances. Many viewers griped about Trump seeming to get off easy.

Fallon would defend himself by pointing out that he’s never hard on any of his guests. To be fair, he was having Hillary Clinton on the show as well, and had every intent to keep things fun with her too. He was not taking a clear political stance on the program, the way someone like Stephen Colbert might have done. But Fallon’s show is mostly wacky games and all around silliness, so the drama would eventually dissolve.