30 most shocking late night scandals

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20. Crispin Glover may or may not have been on drugs on Letterman’s show

Eccentric actor and filmmaker Crispin Glover might be best known as George McFly in Back to the Future. In the late 80s, he completed another film with a starring role, River’s Edge, which he headed to David Letterman’s late night show to promote. Little did Letterman or his audience know what they were getting into.

At the time, Glover had been working on a movie called Rubin and Ed, in which he plays one of the titular characters. For this role, he wears a very bizarre outfit, including platform shoes and a wig. Without anyone else knowing what it was from, Glover would wear this outfit on his Letterman appearance, and acted very bizarrely during the entire interview.

After talking some nonsense, Glover challenges Letterman to an arm wrestling match. David is not amused at all, but it gets even more awkward. Glover demonstrates his strength by kicking the air in front of Letterman, inches away from his face. This prompts Letterman to stand up and walk off the stage, putting an abrupt end to the interview.

In the years since, Glover won’t talk about his state of mind while on the show. This feeds into speculation he was on drugs at the time, with others suggesting it was all just an Andy Kaufman style prank.