Samantha Bee call Steve Bannon a nazi ‘pet frog’ (Video)


Samantha Bee came flying off the top rope with a savage assessment of Steve Bannon and his role in the Trump administration.

Her show may only run once a week, but Samantha Bee is hitting points that most late night pundits seem to be missing nightly. While there are jokes about saving Melania Trump from the captivity of her marriage to ice cold jokes about Baron Trump being a school shooter, Bee is trying to remind us that there is a major piece of the terrifying puzzle we’re all missing.

Steve Bannon.

Bee did something no other late night host or political commentator did when trolling Trump’s inauguration: go after Steve Bannon.

“That Goldman Sachs worm tongue who tells you what to say is filling your mouth with more Nazi code than Enigma,” Bee said in a light yet somehow also scathing tone. “Are you the only 70 year old man in America that doesn’t watch The History Channel?”

Bee then went on to call Bannon a ‘pet frog’ when referring to his relationship with Trump and implied that the words spoken at the inauguration were those of Bannon, not Trump.

This further highlights two things. The first of which is that while everyone is up in arms about Russia’s involvement in our election, people are forgetting that the real shadow government involves Bannon and his cronies, not Putin’s.

Once again this reminds us that Samantha Bee is one of the best things about late night right now, and one of the brightest political commentators out there. She’s not letting Bannon off the hook the way so many others are with ht sir obsession over Russia.

While SNL trolls Trump with a shirtless Putin, there have been no attacks on Bannon and his alt-right agenda. That’s the real scary part about this Trump administration and it seems everyone has forgotten that except Bee.

Here’s the full clip below:

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