Jeff Ross says Donald Trump loves getting roasted


Roast King Jeff Ross stopped by the set of Conan on Wednesday to talk about president Donald Trump and what it’s like to make fun of the POTUS.

Few people have mastered the art of the roast quite like comedian Jeff Ross. The fact that Ross has even gotten to roast the current President of the United States in person puts him in a whole other category.

Ross stopped by the set of the TBS late night talk show Conan to talk with Conan O’Brien about what it was like to roast Donald Trump. Ross has done a roast for Trump twice, and said it’s a little different now that he’s president. He also noted that you rarely ever actually see Trump laugh, although Ross noted that the president does enjoy a good roast.

The roast king then told Conan a great joke he had at one of Trump’s roasts. Ross said that he read Trump’s book The Art of the Deal, and for some reason it had four Chapter 11s. You can watch Ross’ interview with Conan O’Brien in the YouTube video below.

As Roast Master General, Ross is hoping to get a call from the White House to accept a position as Secretary of Offense. There are few people that can be as offensive as Ross, so he would probably do a pretty good job with the position.

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Although it’s pretty apparent that Trump has some thin skin given his Twitter rants, it’s interesting to hear from someone like Ross who has previously roasted him.