Bill Burr watched Patriots win AFC title on world’s worst TV


Comedian Bill Burr stopped by the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live! to talk about the birth of his baby daughter and having to watch the New England Patriots game while in the hospital.

The vast majority of Americans know at least one person who is a die hard New England Patriots fan. Most of them probably get on your nerves, but one thing that you can almost never deny is their dedication to their team.

Comedian Bill Burr is one of those Patriots fans who refuses to miss a game, no matter what. In fact, Burr had a great story about how he watched this year’s AFC Championship game between the Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers while on the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday.

Burr just welcomed a new baby girl into the world last week. While in the hospital, Burr said that he needed a way to watch the Patriots game, and ended up watching it on the worst TV in the world. You can hear his entire story in the YouTube video below.

After talking about his AFC Championship experience, Burr was then asked by Jimmy Kimmel how big of a man crush the comedian has on Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. After all, most Patriots fans feel pretty attached to their future Hall of Fame quarterback.

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The Patriots will be taking on the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI on Sunday, February 5th. The good news for Burr is that he won’t have to watch that game on a hospital television.