Andy Cohen wants Kellyanne Conway on Real Housewives


The Real Housewives executive producer Andy Cohen told Seth Meyers that he wants Kellyanne Conway to appear on his show on Late Night.

The hit NBC late night talk show Late Night with Seth Meyers has been taking as many shots as possible at president Donald Trump and his staff. Now, even the show’s guests are getting in on the action.

The Real Housewives executive producer Andy Cohen stopped by the set of Late Night for Wednesday night’s episode. Cohen is also a talk show and radio host, even hosting the nightly Bravo series Watch What Happens: Live.

While talking with Seth Meyers, Cohen admitted that he’s obsessed with Trump campaign advisor Kellyanne Conway and her recent “alternative facts” comment. Cohen described the presidential debates as Housewives reunions, and he feels that Kellyanne would be a perfect addition to an episode of Real Housewives.

You can watch the entire segment with Cohen talking about Conway in the YouTube video below.

Cohen said that he’s just waiting for one of the Real Housewives members to start talking about “alternative facts”, so it would make sense for someone like Conway to be on the show.

The two also talked about Meyers’ parents getting to meet Cohen and what their parents are like when watching their respective shows. Cohen admitted that his mother can be pretty critical about his show, and that her texts can get pretty intense.

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Hopefully this isn’t the last time that one of Late Night’s guests take shows at the president and his staff, because Meyers and his writers have been going all in with the jokes directed towards the POTUS.