Seth Meyers trolls Donald Trump’s voter fraud claims on Late Night


Late Night with Seth Meyers went all in on president Donald Trump in their latest segment of Hey!, breaking down the claims of voter fraud.

While a handful of late night talk shows are on hiatus this week, the hit NBC show Late Night with Seth Meyers is still going strong and continuing to take shots at president Donald Trump.

The NBC late night talk show was back at it again during Tuesday night’s episode. During the episode, Meyers took a quick minute to talk about Trump’s recent statements continuing to claim that he lost the popular vote because there were supposedly between three to five millions cases of voter fraud.

To talk about Trump’s belief that there were that many cases of voter fraud, Meyers and the Late Night staff decided to include their segment, “Hey!”. Meyers is blown away by the fact Trump continues to say this despite zero evidence to suggest that there were this many cases of voter fraud.

You can watch the entire segment in the YouTube video below.

It is pretty amazing that this subject continues to be brought up by the media and Trump despite any evidence to suggest widespread voter fraud. If this was really the case, then there would be dozens of positions across the country in jeopardy of having illegitimate winners currently holding office.

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Shows like Last Week Tonight may not be here to troll Trump, but it feels like Meyers and his staff of writers have taken it upon themselves to start calling out the president whenever he makes questionable decisions.