Stephen Colbert plays “La La Land or Nicki Minaj” with Billy Eichner


Late Show host Stephen Colbert joined Billy Eichner on Billy On the Street to play a game of “La La Land or Nicki Minaj?” on Tuesday.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert may be on hiatus this week, but that didn’t mean that we were going to be without some new content from the CBS late night talk show host before the show returned.

On Tuesday night, Stephen Colbert made an appearance on the truTV series Billy On the Street for its Season 5 finale. The show’s host Billy Eichner had Colbert do a number of things, including play a game he created called “La La Land or Nicki Minaj?”.

The concept of the game was simple. Eichner recited a quote and had Colbert guess whether it was a lyric from the hit movie La La Land or one from rapper Nicki Minaj. Not surprisingly, the game wasn’t very hard and the lyrics between the two were wildly different. You can watch the entire segment with Colbert in the video below courtesy of Eichner’s Twitter account.

It’s always great to see Colbert make an appearance elsewhere besides The Late Show on CBS. He doesn’t do it often, but it’s always entertaining when he does.

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As for Billy On the Street, the show is still going strong five seasons in, and they’ve been able to recruit all kinds of big celebrities to participate in some wild antics. Hopefully Eichner and company can keep it going for at least a few more seasons, because they bring plenty of energy to the truTV series.