Did Bill Maher shade Jimmy Fallon over that Donald Trump interview?


Bill Maher might have thrown some shade at Jimmy Fallon for the way he let Donald Trump ‘use’ him.

We live in an era where late night television is something the President of the United States angry tweets about at 2am. But while Donald Trump merely angry tweets about Saturday Night Live, he’s actually sued Real Time‘s Bill Maher.

In a giant interview with The Daily Beast, Maher touched on all topics from his Politically Incorrect beginnings in the early 90s to his current status as the godfather of late night political comedy. One thing that was addressed was how politicians use late night hosts by appearing as guests on a show with the agenda of normalizing themselves.

This specifically brings to mind the Jimmy Fallon interview with Donald Trump — the one in which Fallon buddied up ‘The Donald’ and nothing more. This is the kind of thing Maher doesn’t approve of when it comes to how late night handles politics.

Maher elaborated that while he thinks it’s irresponsible to boycott a president, he also doesn’t approve of late night host allowing politicians to “use” them.

"If you’re just going to have them on so they can use you—and I do mean use you—to burnish their image and to present a side of themselves that’s inaccurate because they’re not being challenged, then you shouldn’t have them on at all."

He’s not throwing shade solely at Fallon, but it’s hard to not make that direct connection. Maher is references the numerous instances over the years where politicians have come on a late night show and not been challenged in front of an audience.

That’s not badgering a guest, it’s keeping some semblance of accountability. The same way we have no problem grilling Cam Newton after he makes a business decision in the Super Bowl, we shouldn’t shy away from holding political feet to the fire either.

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Maher may be the best in the business at that, and he’s an example of how there’s a way to play to both crowds while remaining true to your convictions.