Stephen Colbert brings back The Werd to say ‘Thanks, Obama’


Stephen Colbert brought on his conservative identical twin cousin, Stephen Colbert, to talk about Barack Obama in a new segment of The Werd.

With Donald Trump becoming the 45th President of the United States on Friday, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert wanted to find an appropriate way to send off Barack Obama. They were able to do exactly that by bringing back a classic Colbert segment.

On Thursday night’s episode of The Late Show, Colbert wanted to find a way to talk about Obama as he prepares to step down as POTUS. Instead of Colbert talking about his departure, his conservative identical twin cousin, Stephen Colbert, decided to talk about it instead.

The conservative Colbert rolled out onto the set rocking a sword and a Captain America shield, much like the old Colbert from the Comedy Central series The Colbert Report. He even discussed Obama’s presidency by bringing back the classic Colbert Report segment, The Werd.

Thursday night’s “werd” was, “Thanks, Obama”. You can watch the entire segment from Thursday night in the YouTube video below.

Anyone that was a fan of The Colbert Report was happy to see The Werd make a comeback. The entire segment from Thursday night joked about how Obama was the perfect adversary to conservatives, doing so in classy fashion.

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No matter where your political views lie, it’s hard to deny that Obama and the First Family almost always handled themselves professionally and with grace. For that, Colbert wanted to say thanks to the 44th POTUS, and he did that with one of his best segments of 2017 so far.