Stephen Colbert talks Barack Obama’s final press conference on Late Show


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert discussed president Barack Obama’s final press conference during Wednesday night’s episode.

Wednesday night’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert started with an opening monologue that obviously involved president elect Donald Trump. However, it also touched on the current president, Barack Obama.

During Wednesday night’s opening monologue, Colbert talked about Obama’s final press conference. The press conference touched on a number of topics, including Obama’s belief that we will soon have another black, female, hispanic, Hindu and all other manner of future presidents.

However, the biggest takeaway from Obama’s final press conference was his farewell message to the press, with the president simply saying, “good luck”. As Colbert points out, that’s definitely not the most comforting message to hear.

After talking about Obama’s final presser, Colbert moved back to talking about president elect Trump’s upcoming inauguration, which will be taking place on Friday afternoon. You can watch Colbert’s entire opening monologue from Wednesday night in the YouTube video below.

During a recent interview, Trump said that the reason a lot of celebrities aren’t attending the inauguration is simply because they weren’t invited. He also argued that the inauguration actually will feature some of the biggest celebrities in the world, citing Obama as one of them.

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Trump also talked about the fact that he doesn’t enjoy tweeting, which Colbert had to call out as probably not entirely true. Regardless of what Trump talks about, you can be pretty sure that Colbert and The Late Show staff are going to have plenty of topics to joke about over the next four years.