Steve Carell tweets The Office is coming back to NBC


Steve Carrell got everyone excited on Twitter on Wednesday, making a fake announcement that The Office would be returning to NBC.

Few shows have captured as large of an audience over the last decade than the hit NBC comedy The Office. Although the NBC series hasn’t been on the air since 2013, fans of the show were given hope that the series might return in the near future.

Actor Steve Carell, who played the legendary character Michael Scott on The Office, sent out a mysterious tweet out of nowhere on Wednesday. The tweet basically said that The Office would be returning for a 10th season on NBC.

Needless to say, a bunch of people lost their minds about this. You can check out the tweet from Carell below, and just look at all of the replies to see just how excited this made fans of the NBC series.

Unfortunately, Carell was actually just trolling everyone on the internet. He quickly followed that tweet up with another one saying that he meant Will and Grace, jokingly blaming it as a typo.

While The Office isn’t actually returning, Will and Grace will be. NBC announced on Wednesday that the old comedy would be returning for 10 episodes during the 2017-18 TV season and will be featuring the entire cast, creators and director.

Carell has always been funny regardless of what projects he’s worked on. This latest joke on Twitter might have gotten a lot of peoples’ hopes up (including ours), but it was definitely a pretty creative joke to pull on his Twitter followers.