Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee coming to Netflix in November

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Jerry Seinfeld and Netflix have reached a deal that will bring the comedian’s show to a new home as well as two comedy specials.

The king of sitcoms is finally coming to Netflix.

No, Seinfeld isn’t going to be making the jump from Hulu to Netflix, but its star and namesake will be. The legendary comedian has inked an exclusive deal with the streaming giant, making Netflix the home of both his current project as well as future endeavors.

This means that Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee will be making the jump from Crackle to Netflix, starting later this year. A further revelation of this announcement is that Seinfeld will be producing at least two comedy specials for Netflix, which may or may not fall under the ‘future projects’ mentioned in a non-specific way.

“Jerry is known the world over as both a great TV innovator and beloved comic voice,” said Netflix CCO Ted Sarandos in a statement on Tuesday. “We are incredibly proud to welcome him to the Netflix comedy family.”

Here are the big bullet points from this announcement that you need to really care about:

  • Netflix will be the exclusive home of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee starting in November 2017
  • Seinfeld will have two comedy specials exclusive to Netflix
  • He also has “future projects” lined up as Netflix exclusives
  • Hulu will remain the home for Seinfeld for the foreseeable future

Seinfeld is a huge catch for Netflix, which is quietly filling out its comedy wing with top-flight stars. Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock have already signed up for future comedy specials at Netflix, with other comedy titans already boasting specials at the moment.

But the exclusivity clause is the key here. The fact that Netflix is becoming the new HBO for superstar comedians is brand building at its finest. Seinfeld wasn’t kidding when he said Netflix has taken strides, and it’s going to be interesting to see where this all goes.