Stephen Colbert trolls Donald Trump on taking weekends off


As Donald Trump’s inauguration gets closer, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert talked about the president elect already planning to take this weekend off.

At this point, it isn’t really an opening monologue on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert unless the former Comedy Central show host is taking shots about presidential elect Donald Trump.

On Tuesday night’s episode of The Late Show, Colbert talked about just how close we are to Trump’s presidential inauguration, which will be taking place on Friday. Colbert also wanted to talk about Trump’s recent comments saying that he wouldn’t make his first executive order until Monday, essentially implying that he’ll be too busy celebrating over the weekend to actually get any work done.

Colbert decided to try and explain to Trump that the president doesn’t exactly get weekends off from running the free world. Trump is also coming into the White House with a historically low approval rating before even taking office. As Colbert points out, it’s not a popularity contest, and neither was the election.

You can watch the entire opening monologue from Tuesday night in the YouTube video below.

Not only did Colbert talk about Trump’s upcoming inauguration, but he also had to bring up another one of the president elect’s recent tweets. The fact that Trump’s tweets are becoming a headline every single day is something that no one could have ever anticipated.

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Even though Trump is just a couple of days from becoming president, don’t expect Colbert to start pulling any punches. We feel pretty confident that Colbert is going to keep coming off of the top rope.