It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Live Stream: Watch Season 12, Episode 3 Online


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When it first came out, no one expected It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia to become what it is today. Now, with the FXX series currently in its 12th season, It’s Always Sunny has become one of the most popular comedies on television.

This most recent season of It’s Always Sunny has gotten off to a really strong start. The season premiere a couple of weeks ago was a musical-themed episode where The Gang all turned black and had to figure out what it meant to live in the country while being an African American. It was a risky move by the cast, but they were somehow able to pull it off.

Episode 2 of this season featured The Gang going to a water park, with Frank Reynolds pretending to have AIDS so that he could skip the lines for all of the rides while Dennis teamed up with a little girl to scam people across the park. Hopefully Wednesday night’s episode can deliver the laughs that the first two episodes of this season have.

For those who want to watch Wednesday night’s episode of It’s Always Sunny but won’t be near a TV, here’s how you can watch the latest episode online.


Date: Wednesday, January 18th
Start Time: 10 p.m. ET
TV Channel: FXX
Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2

Be sure to check out the latest episode of It’s Always Sunny, whether that’s on TV or streaming on any of your mobile devices.