30 things we need to see in The Walking Dead Season 7B

The Walking Dead - photo by Gene Page/AMC
The Walking Dead - photo by Gene Page/AMC /
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Tara on The Walking Dead (AMC)
Tara on The Walking Dead (AMC) /

6. More lighthearted moments to break the tension

We’ve been talking a little bit about how the first half of Season 7 is depressing as hell. One of the darkest episodes of the series would kick off the new episodes, and it’s been miserable ever since. It’s dramatic and has made for some interesting scenes on the show. But after a while that darkness can start to really bring you down.

With a change in direction in the coming episodes, things are already looking a bit brighter. But they’re still not out of the ballpark yet. Organizing an uprising is not going to be easy. And chances are we are going to lose some other characters by the time this season ends.

But I’d like to see some more lighthearted moments sprinkled in the episodes. We hardly had any of those in Season 7A. The situation these people are in is very serious, but breaking the tension can sometimes be a good thing. The Walking Dead can make me cry, but at times it can make me laugh or feel good as well. If the deaths are going to keep on coming, then AMC can give us a break and throw in a few cheerful moments too.