Seth Meyers discusses Donald Trump, John Lewis and Russian Hacking on A Closer Look


After another crazy week, Late Night host Seth Meyers took A Closer Look at Donald Trump’s comments on John Lewis and the Russian hacking allegations.

It seems like Late Night host Seth Meyers has started to establish his own identity as a late night talk show host, and he was back at it again with another strong segment on Monday night.

During Monday night’s episode of Late Night, Meyers had to bring up the past week of events and tweets from president elect Donald Trump. Meyers had to talk about Trump’s comments regarding civil rights activist John Lewis and the allegations regarding his involvement with Russia hacking the election.

On this segment of A Closer Look, Meyers also took some shots at the hypocrisy of republicans saying that the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s presidency had never been called into question, while Trump had actually done exactly that. You can watch the entire segment of A Closer Look in the YouTube video below.

Meyers also talked about FBI director James Comey’s recent comments during a senate hearing that he would not comment on a possible investigation regarding Trump’s potential ties to Russia despite doing that same thing during the presidential election with Hillary Clinton.

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The former Saturday Night Live Weekend Update host has started to find his voice on Late Night, and that’s great news for NBC. This definitely won’t be the last time that Meyers does a segment diving into comments and allegations regarding Trump, and you can be sure that he’ll provide plenty of jokes regarding any such events moving forward.