You need to binge watch these 13 spooky shows on Netflix

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The OA

Year: 2016-Present
Plot: Seven years after she initially went missing, a girl returns home with special powers. The community around her isn’t sure if her powers are a miracle from God or a curse from the Devil that will destroy them all.
Starring: Brit Marling, Jason Isaacs, Scott Wilson

Why Is It Scary: Much like other atmospheric drama, The OA manages to be scary thanks to its surroundings. The series is set in suburbia, which instantly makes it relatable, and then takes things on a wicked turn for the worse. There are some downright terrifying moments on this show, ones grounded in enough reality to make them scary.

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Black Mirror

Year: 2011-Present
Plot: An anthology series that explores the darkness of technology and the negative — and horrifying — effect it can have on life.
Starring: Jon Hamm, Kelly Macdonald, Bryce Dallas Howard

Why Is It Scary: Horror was seemingly made for the anthology format, and Black Mirror has capitalized on that. clearly inspired by shows like The Twilight Zone, Black Mirror takes very real world things and heightens fear by showing us how these things can destroy us. It’s like The Matrix but there’s little Dream World here and much more apocalyptic chaos.

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