5 Star Wars actors we want to see host Saturday Night Live

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2. Mark Hamill

Why it Would Work: There isn’t a more iconic Star Wars actor than Mark Hamill. The man who plays Luke Skywalker is still going strong at 65 years old, and we’ve always wanted to see him host a show like Saturday Night Live. He even appeared in an old SNL skit featuring Will Ferrell Chris Kattan as they Star Wars memorabilia that included the one and only Hamill for $80,000. He’s a goofy guy who has plenty of fun, and we’d love to see an SNL tribute to Carrie Fisher if he came onto the show.

Why it Wouldn’t Work: As goofy as Hamill is, he might not be best suited to do an entire episode of Saturday Night Live as a host. The staff would be too tempted to keep forcing the Luke Skywalker or even Joker angles. Other than that, it would be interesting to see what other angles they could take with Hamill.

Could it Happen?: Depending on how much longer Hamill will play a role in the Star Wars series, he could definitely wind up as the host at some point. The problem is that SNL might want a more prominent celebrity with ties to Star Wars to promote the show. Still, this is Luke Skywalker we’re talking about, and having him as the host would generate plenty of buzz for whatever episode he was on.