5 Star Wars actors we want to see host Saturday Night Live

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3. Daisy Ridley

Why it Would Work: Daisy Ridley has quickly become one of the most beloved Star Wars actors because of her role as Rey in the latest trilogy. While still a new actress on the scene, Ridley has already had some brief experience with the SNL cast when the show promoted The Force Awakens with fake Star Wars auditions from a number of famous celebrities (see the video above). She’d be a prime candidate to host just before or immediately following the release of Episode VIII to help promote the movie while drawing a big audience to the NBC series.

Why it Wouldn’t Work: Despite how big she’s becoming, people might still not be familiar with Ridley unless she’s referred to as Rey. She’s done plenty of cameos as herself or Rey, but she’s an unproven actress when it comes to performing live on a show like SNL. Still, this is nit picking a bit, and she definitely seems talented enough to pull it off.

Could it Happen?: Ridley definitely has a better chance of hosting SNL than Jones or Ford do. She’s a young actress currently starring in the new trilogy and could be a great draw for Star Wars fans to tune in. While she would be a great candidate, there are a couple of other actors from the series who would be even better.