5 Star Wars actors we want to see host Saturday Night Live

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4. Harrison Ford

Why it Would Work: Harrison Ford would be a huge draw for Saturday Night Live. Even people who aren’t fans of Star Wars are probably fans of Ford with his work in movies like the Indiana Jones series, Patriot GamesBlade Runner and a number of other big films. He’s a charismatic guy who was had no problem doing sketches in front of a live audience like he did back in 2013 on Jimmy Kimmel Live!Plus, this is Han-Freaking-Solo we’re talking about.

Why it Wouldn’t Work: Ford has never really been a comic relief kind of guy. Even when he played Han Solo, there was still this aura of “I’m a badass and I don’t really care what you think” rather than going out of his way to be funny. Could live sketch comedy be something he’d succeed at? Possibly, but outside of that Kimmel sketch we really have no way to know for sure.

Could it Happen?: I’m not going to completely rule out Ford hosting SNL, but at this point it has to feel pretty unlikely. Ford has probably had numerous opportunities to host the show, and yet he has never done so. The fact that he’s no longer involved in the new Star Wars movies probably doesn’t help his case, either. Star Wars fans would love to see Ford host SNL, but if it hasn’t happened by now, it probably won’t happen.