Better Call Saul Season 3 trailer teases Gus Fring return (Video)


A teaser trailer for the third season of Better Call Saul has dropped, and it hints at a return for Gus Fring.

Last night was a good one for Better Call Saul fans, as we were gifted with a new look at this upcoming season. The show still doesn’t have an official premiere date, but the hype is starting to build for what could end up being one of the last seasons of the show.

Judging by the trajectory Breaking Bad took, we can’t expect more than five seasons out of Better Call Saul, and the third season looks to be a doozy. Throughout the first two seasons of the show, Breaking Bad foreshadowing has been peppered in all over the place, with the biggest kernel coming in last night’s teaser.

In a faux-commercial for Los Pollos Hermanos, franchise owner Gus Fring makes a cheery cameo. It’s brief but holy hell if it’s not everything we’ve wanted and more.

Check out the trailer below:

We don’t know specifically when Better Call Saul comes back but we can assume it’ll be in the spring. The timing could lineup with the season finale of The Walking Dead, but that’s semantics at this point. Right now all that matters is it appears Gus is going to be working his way into the fold, something that was expected but we didn’t know when we’d see it.

This is, at the end of the day, a Breaking Bad prequel series. It might not be specifically about Walter White, but it’s about the genesis of the world in which he eventually inhibited. Gus played perhaps the largest role in Walt’s descent into darkness, and there’s an established relationship between Saul and Gus when the series starts.

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It’s that relationship that we’re hopefully going to see fester in this third season of Better Call Saul — a season that can’t get here soon enough.