Stephen Colbert tells Donald Trump not to mess with Meryl Streep (Video)


Late Show host Stephen Colbert called out president elect Donald Trump not to mess with Meryl Streep after her Golden Globes acceptance speech.

Even though 2017 has just begun, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is already back to going all in on jokes about presidential elect Donald Trump. On Monday night’s episode of The Late Show, the jokes kept coming.

Trump was back in the news this weekend because of legendary actress Meryl Streep. The 67-year-old actress received a lifetime achievement award on Sunday at the 2017 Golden Globes, and she delivered a powerful speech that called out Trump and his comments towards a disabled reporter.

Not surprisingly, Trump fired back with some tweet calling Streep an “overrated” actress. Colbert has called out Trump on plenty of stuff since he began running for president, but apparently taking shots at Street crossed the line. You can watch the entire clip regarding Streep and Trump in the YouTube video below.

Of course, Colbert didn’t just stop with the Trump jokes regarding Streep’s acceptance speech at the Golden Globes. He also made fun of Kellyanne Conway who tried to defend Trump’s tweets by saying that we should try and ignore the things that he says and does and instead look at the things “in his heart”.

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Colbert also talked about the recent report that claimed that Russian president Vladimir Putin called for the hacking of the Democratic National Convention to make the United States appear hypocritical. The Late Show host said that joke was on him, because the United States is already known for open heart surgery and chili cheese fries.