Daily Show ethers Republicans over shady ethics bill vote (Video)


The Daily Show is trolling House Republicans for going too far for even Donald Trump’s comfort level.

We’re officially into a new year, which means the Donald Trump regime is just weeks away from taking over the country. With the transition team in place — one that very much implies the swamp is “open for business” — we are now just 15-days way from Trump being sworn in as the 49th President of the United States.

Trevor Noah, while one of Trump’s biggest critics, had some fun this week thanks in large part to the President-elect actually doing the right thing. On Monday, word made the rounds that the House Republicans were having a secret vote to gut the ethics committee and essentially make it so they could get with just about anything.

No one took this well, including — and surprisingly — Donald J. Trump. Noah put it perfectly when he dug into the issue and trolled House Republicans for getting way out over their own skiies before they were even officially in power.

With four-years of Trump ahead, it’s likely that Noah will have plenty of haymakers to throw his direction. Let’s appreciate how this is off to a rollicking start though, with Republicans trying to boast about the swamp being open for business before store hours have even been posted.

There’s also the conspiracy theory angle to all of this which implies Trump’s rejection of the House vote was an inside job. Trump — someone obsessed with image and reputation — could very well have forced Republicans to come up with this cockamamy idea for the sole purpose of shooting it down and thus looking like he’s doing what he campaigned to do.

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Tin-foil hats are being made a dime-a-dozen these days, but that’s not a terrible theory to roll with. The real winners are those who wanted the ethics committee left intact although it seems the struggles are only just beginning.