Kevin Costner is open to a Bull Durham sequel (Video)


Kevin Costner told Jimmy Kimmel that he would be very open to Bull Durham sequel if there was a clear vision in place.

Oscar-winning actor and filmmaker Kevin Costner said that he’s open to appearing in a sequel to Bull Durham. The 1988 baseball classic has garnered a cult following over the years, and like everything that has a following in Hollywood, the idea of a sequel is inevitably kicked around.

Hollywood knows that there are some movies that have special places in our hearts. This love is often exploited in the name of money, as sequels and reboots have become commonplace — even for franchises that either don’t need one or don’t deserve one.

We’re about to live in a world where Trainspotting 2 is a thing and it seems every other trailer on television seems to be about a sequel or a prequel to some franchise tentpole. We might live in a world someday where Bull Durham lives among the films that have a sequel.

Costner appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and when asked about a Bull Durham sequel, said that he would do it if writer-director Ron Shelton had a clear vision for one.

This doesn’t mean we’re ever going to see this sequel, but it’s nice to know that Costner still feels such a connection with the film. The actor has starred in a handful of classic movies in his career, from Dances With Wolves to JFK but Bull Durham remains one of his most defining roles.

As beloved as the film is, that doesn’t mean we need to see an updated version of it. I’ll be going to see Trainspotting 2 because I love the first film, but doing so knowing full-well that disappointment may lie on the horizon. Bull Durham, as classic as it is, doesn’t need a sequel even if there’s a clear vision in place.