The Walking Dead Season 7, episode 8: Most shocking moments

Credit: Gene Page/AMC
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Credit: AMC/Gene Page
Credit: AMC/Gene Page /

1. Rick Grimes is back in the game

From the start, I was disappointed to see Rick Grimes so submissive to Negan. But I understood it. If Rick hadn’t finally given up when he had, Carl would have had his arm taken off. Working for Negan forever though is no kind of life to have, so I still wanted Rick to at least be planning something. However, while he was more concerned about pleasing Negan, it was others like Carl and Rosita who refused to completely give up.

But the weight of everything is finally getting to be too much for Rick. He comes back from a very dangerous scavenging trip, just to see the Saviors take the score and beat the hell out of Aaron. Then he learns Spencer and Olivia have just been murdered as well. The kicker is that his own son had to sneak into Negan’s compound to try to take out Negan himself. Maybe it meant something that his own child was showing more bravery than him.

Something broke, and it seems Rick is back again. He tells Michonne that he’s in on the plan to fight back. Rick then takes back his trademark Colt Python from Daryl who had retrieved it for him. By picking back up the gun, Rick proves he’s not submitting to Negan anymore. It was a badass moment that gives a lot of hope to the second half of Season 7.