The Walking Dead Season 7, episode 8: Most shocking moments

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Credit: Gene Page/AMC
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3. Negan eviscerates Spencer with a dad joke punchline

The most popular memes based on The Walking Dead are Rick’s “dad jokes” to Carl. People have been creating them on the internet for years. The concept is that Rick tells these inappropriate, cringeworthy jokes to Carl, who is bemused. But although Rick doesn’t actually do this on the TV series, Negan himself certainly does.

Of course, it started with Glenn in the premiere. “Was the joke that bad?” Negan would ask Rick, knowing it was a bad dad joke. Even if nobody’s laughing, Negan seems to enjoy making these jokes, as he did so again in “Hearts Still Beating”.

First, the set-up. Spencer has been very vocal about his disapproval for Rick. Using his mother as inspiration, he goes into politician mode to negotiate with Negan. He dresses up in a spiffy outfit (Rosita questions if he has a hot date that night) and heads straight to Negan to discuss business with him.

As the two play billiards in the middle of the street, Spencer makes his grievances known. He says he would be a much greater leader than Rick, hinting Negan should take out the former cop. But Negan sees going behind Rick’s back as a spineless move, so he shoves a knife into Spencer’s stomach— spilling out his intestines all over the ground.

As for the joke? When Negan stabs Spencer, he says he has no guts. But when said guts pour out onto the street, Negan says that Spencer does have guts after all. And like a real life dad joke, nobody seemed to think it was funny.