The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 8 recap: Biggest WTF moments

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Credit: Gene Page/AMC
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2. Spencer Gets Gutted

After a few weeks of violence simmering but not bubbling over, we had blood spill on the streets of Alexandria. Just like in the season premiere, there was an obvious death that we maybe expected and one that was much less anticipated. The obvious death, at least to comic readers and those paying attention, was Spencer. He was always a sniveling little character who was going to get his comeuppance at some point — that point was just tonight.

Spencer thought it would be wise to try and usurp Rick and become the leader of Alexandria with the blessing of Negan. He clearly hasn’t been paying close enough attention to the dynamic that is happening, as Negan gets off on bullying Rick into submission. It’s a weird relationship that consists of Negan both hating Rick but also looking out for his best interests from time to time. It’s like an abusive relationship, one in which the dominant partner has full control and occasion, likely accidental, compassion.

The death of Olivia was much less anticipated, and it happened much quicker. Just like in the season premiere episode, the deaths came in pairs with Olivia’s serving as the spiritual successor to the death of Glenn. She didn’t have it coming but it happened anyways, reminding us of the existentialism that Negan thrives on.