The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 8 recap: Biggest WTF moments

Credit: AMC/Gene Page
Credit: AMC/Gene Page /
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Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

3. Daryl Escapes Easy Street

One of the subplots we’ve been following this season is Daryl and his attempt to escape Negan’s Compound. Code named “Easy Street”, Daryl has basically been a non-factor in the season thus far thanks to his being captive at the compound of the Saviors. Thankfully tonight, he busted loose and finally got away from the compound so that he can actually factor into the second half of the season.

It’s not just that Daryl escaped, it’s how he escaped. While it’s been a short arc of captivity, Daryl has gone from resident redneck badass to a beaten down puppy who is being held against its will. That all shattered — or came to fruition — when he escaped. We watched as Daryl beat a defenseless man to death, claiming that he wasn’t going to keep their little encounter to himself. That’s not the old Daryl we’re used to, that’s the actions of an entirely different monster altogether. The question now is, has Daryl been warped into something different or is he just working this whole experience out of his system.

Regardless, he beat a man to death without ay sort of remorse. That’s a new quality to Daryl, and if it’s here to stay than this irreversible changes his character forever.