The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 8 recap: Biggest WTF moments

Credit: AMC/Gene Page
Credit: AMC/Gene Page /
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The Walking Dead has reached its midseason breaking point, and we have a lot to chew on in the months we wait for new episodes.

We’ve reached the end of the first half of The Walking Dead this season, and boy do we have a lot to talk about. Before we start, spoiler alerts are necessary from this point on. If yo haven’t gathered by now, we’re going toe talking about the midseason finale of The Walking Dead, which means talking about specific events — which means spoilers.

So if you don’t want to ruin the episode, stop here and turn back. If you’re this far — or here at all — then you probably saw the episode and need to talk about some of the biggest moments of the season so far.

Before we give ourselves to the void that we’re about to endure, let’s break down the biggest moments from tonight’s midseason finale.

5. People Won’t Leave Carol Alone

This was a small part of the episode, but it’s a little nugget to tuck away and not forget about. Carol has pretty much gone into exile and wants no part in fighting anymore. Her retirement is more than likely going to be short lived, as she gets an emotional pep talk from a man who seems to be in a long line of people that just can’t leave Carol alone.

We shouldn’t be all that surprised by this, as Carol is a warrior at heart and this is hard for her to hide. She hasn’t been seen or heard from since the second episode of the season, so we have to assume that she’s been laying low for at least a little while. But just like how famous athletes are talked back into action, it appears Carol won’t be sitting on the sidelines of this impending battle with the Saviors for much longer.