The Walking Dead Season 7, episode 7: Most shocking moments

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1. Negan takes a shine to baby Judith

Negan takes Carl back to Alexandria to talk to Rick about everything that just happened. But Rick is on a scavenging trip with Aaron, and it could be a while. So Negan decides to make himself at home and stay a while.

Poor Olivia has to deal with Negan hitting on her in his creepy way. But that’s still not the creepiest thing Negan would do that way. While touring Carl’s home, he finds his baby sister Judith. This is bad news as now Negan definitely knows about Judith and her safety will always be in jeopardy as a result.

Negan takes Judith and sits on the porch with her and Carl. As if he were the father himself, Negan plays with her, even giving her a kiss on the forehead. Playfully speaking to Judith, Negan suggests that maybe he should kill Rick and Carl after all. Maybe he should bury their bodies in the nearby flower bed.

We know Negan has been encouraging his wives to get pregnant. He seems to want a child. Is he considering offing Rick and Carl so he can claim Judith as his own? That’s a scary possibility, as Negan finding the child is surely going to be used against them somehow.