Trevor Noah spotted with Tomi Lahren after The Daily Show interview (Video)

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Trevor Noah and Tomi Lahren were seen having drinks together a day after sparring on The Daily Show.

Trevor Noah had his most engaging interview to date with TheBlaze conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren last week, providing arguably his first real breakout moment since he took over The Daily Show last year. The two had a tense conversation surrounding such controversial topics as race, immigration, Black Lives Matter and Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protest.

It was clear by the end of the interview — including the 26-minute unedited version seen below — that the pair failed to agree on almost anything. However, it seems that Noah and Lahren have since buried the hatchet. They were spotted by TMZ sitting down for cocktails in the lobby of The Bowery Hotel in downtown Manhattan Thursday night.

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The duo was said to be engaged in a much friendlier and subdued conversation than what took place on Wednesday’s episode. When the gossip site caught up with Lahren afterwards, she described their time together as “great,” arguing that they could be friends despite their differences. She also stated that she had no regrets about doing The Daily Show, and did not think that Noah treated her unfairly, adding that she was even “ready for Round 2.”

“I could have gone somewhere where they kissed my ass, but I chose not to, and I think that’s the only way we can learn and grow as people,” Lahren said of the interview.

The TMZ photographer ended by asking her whether she had “ever been with a black guy,” a question that radio personality Charlamagne Tha God posed to her after she cancelled an appearance on his show The Breakfast Club earlier that day, but she refused to answer, instead echoing her statement on The Daily Show that she “doesn’t see color.”

Watch the footage below:

The friendly sit-down came after the two seemed to make nice on social media, posting the following statements to their respective Twitter accounts Thursday morning:

Noah received kudos for maintaining a calm demeanor throughout the initial interview, deftly calling Lahren out on her contradictions, such as her claim that she doesn’t like labels after identifying herself as a millennial, and pushing her on what would be a proper way for African-Americans to protest issues like police brutality, which she consistently evaded. It led critics to wonder whether the exchange demonstrated that the South African comedian had finally come into his own as host, but whether that translates to better ratings remains to be seen.

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