Westworld Season 1 finale recap: What the hell just happened?

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Teddy “Kills” The Man In Black — Maybe

This one was a shocker. Shortly after revealing himself to be William, Delores may have had a moment in which she found her consciousness. It was a seed planted early on in the season, one that spouted in a moment of violence and shock.

Hearing that William and The Man in Black were the same person in different timelines wasn’t totally shocking. But then Delores beat the hell out of William and things forked in two different directions — one of which wasn’t as shocking as the other.

William stabbed Delores once she failed to pull the trigger, thanking her for once again clearing his conscious. The shocking part happened when Teddy came riding in on his horse, firing multiple shots into Williams, dropping him.

It was left open ended, as Williams wasn’t confirmed to be dead – -yet. Obviously, hosts can’t kill the guests so the bullets didn’t really kill William. But this could be a murder of the subconscious, as William’s ever shifting view on Westworld and their hosts has changed forever. Ford arrives to tell William that his new narrative will be even better than anything he’s imagined, which means The Man In Black isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.