Westworld Season 1 finale recap: What the hell just happened?

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Hector and Armistice Wake Up to Murder

Ever since Maeve regained — or gained — consciousness, it’s been bad news for those behind the scenes at Westworld. Slowly but surely she has been figuring out more and more about who she is and where she has come from, and she’s not happy.

This all came to a head when she decided to max out the aggression in Hector and Armistice, something that didn’t end well for two technicians. One of the dearly departed technicians was the one we learned earlier in the season liked to do the nasty with the hosts while they were out. He met the most gruesome of the two deaths, at the hands of Hector. The other technician was slightly less lucky in that he was beaten to death by Armistice after she bit his finger off and fed it to him.

That’s how bad thing were, when that was the lesser of the two evils in this situation. But the real take away from this wasn’t the murders but what comes next. Maeve is on the war path, and she now has an uber-agressive Hector and Armistice on her side to hep her wreck havoc.

The Man In Black Confirmed He’s William

Let’s not pretend like this was all that earth shattering. A lot of us had this one figured out for a while, as it was the most popular theory after the first couple of episodes. After learning that Delores knows the center of the map, The Man in Black loses his mind a little. He beat Delores a little before she told him that once William finds her he will save her and avenge her abuse.

This is when the moment we’ve all been waiting for finally happened. The Man in Black chuckles a bit before telling a story about how a guest he once knew named William lost his mind but found himself in the violence of Westworld.

It confirmed what we all thought: William is the Man in Black from an earlier timeline.

This wasn’t the biggest revelation of the episode, which was a good thing. It’s not that this theory getting confirmed doesn’t change the show in a big way, but it wasn’t what the show hinged on. The subplot of the two Williams was merely that — a subplot. The real story is about Maeve’s revolt, something we now know is happening in the future.