Westworld Season 1, Episode 10 live stream: Watch online

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The season finale of Westworld is tonight, but will we have those pressing questions answered or are we in store for a massive cliffhanger?

We have reached the end of Westworld’s first season, which means we’re going to have an itch we can’t scratch for half a year. The series has boasted an impressive first season, one that has taken audiences by storm with the speculation and the water cooler conversation that has grown out of what we’ve seen.

Something else that has happened is much more critical to the success of HBO. With Game of Thrones winding down, HBO needs to find a new series to champion and tout as it’s flagship show. There are two years of Game of Thrones left, but it appears that Westworld will be that show which gets passed the mantle.

It’s fitting, as Westworld has everything that makes Game of Thrones special for the average viewer while also presenting deep cerebral drama. It’s an odd mix, something that shouldn’t work with average television fans but it does. That’s pretty much the same formula for Game of Thrones, as an epic fantasy show isn’t something that ha a wide target audience in mainstream entertainment but Thrones has shattered the mold.

With just one episode of Westworld left, fans are hoping we get some answers before being shut down for the winter. There are questions about what Bernard will do or if he’s even still alive. Last week’s show ended with him presumably shooting himself in the head after the realization that he’s an android version of Arnold.

So where can you watch the series premiere of Westworld and when will all of the action be going down?

Date: Sunday, November 4th
Start Time: 9 p.m. ET
Episode: “The Bicameral Mind”
TV Channel: HBO
Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2

Westward was bogged down by production delays to ensure quality, so the bar is set high. The question will be whether or not the audience is hooked from the beginning.