The Walking Dead Season 7, episode 5: Most shocking moments

Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Credit: Gene Page/AMC /
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Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

1. Tara receives tons of bad news upon returning home

Although Tara escapes Oceanside alive, she’s not out of the woods yet metaphorically. She finds what seems to be evidence that Heath has been captured. There are recent tire tracks leading away from the area they were in. And a broken pair of glasses resembling Heath’s are on the ground. Did the Saviors take another one? Bummer.

But the news goes from bad to worse once she gets back to Alexandria. Remember, the last Tara knew, she and her pals killed all of the Saviors at their outpost. She has no idea just how severe the problem really is. And it speaks volumes when she is greeted at the gate by a weeping Eugene. Tara knows right away that something is very wrong.

Surely, the news of Glenn and Abraham has to be quite hard on Tara. But that’s not the only victim of Negan’s group from Alexandria. Shortly after Tara left was then her girlfriend Denise was killed by Dwight. Viewers have gotten a long time to mourn this death, but Tara has to learn it for the first time. That’s gotta hurt.

But even with all that bad news, promises are apparently important for Tara. In the wake of Alexandria’s tragedies, Rosita presses Tara for information. There has to be something Tara saw out there which could help them. And this would normally be a perfect time to tell the story of her experience in Oceanside.

But, Tara keeps her vow to Cyndie. She claims she saw nothing like that while on the run, so for now, that entire ordeal we just saw will remain Tara’s secret.