The Walking Dead Season 7, episode 5: Most shocking moments

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3. Tara finds a murderous settlement with only women and children

Following Cyndie into the woods might not have been such a hot idea. Sure enough, Cyndie returns to her settlement, which is hidden in the brush of all the trees. Children are seen playing, with women doing chores and standing guard. Apparently one of them spots Tara, as a group of them grabs guns and starts shooting at her.

Tara flees and manages to wrestle a gun away from one of her attackers. She has the opportunity to shoot the other woman in the face with her own gun, but Tara knocks her out instead. Soon after, she is surrounded by armed guards. Cyndie manages to convince the others not to kill her, so they take her prisoner instead.

The woman in charge, Natania, explains that their rule is to shoot all strangers on site. They had apparently went through a bad experience with another group before. It was this group that was the reason there were no men in their entire settlement.

If you couldn’t already surmise this, the Saviors are the culprits. Negan’s men had killed every man and boy aged 10 or older in the group. Makes their way of life a bit more understandable.