30 Westworld theories that totally make sense

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1. The Man in Black is actually William 30 years in the future

Tying into the previous entry is probably the most talked about theory about the show. By now, many viewers are buying into the multiple timelines theory. But to take it a bit further, while these subplots are taking place in different decades, they’re still very closely linked. I’m referring to the theory that William and the Man in Black are actually the very same person.

There’s admittedly a lot of convincing evidence. Some fans have pointed out that the Westworld logo in the background shown when William arrives is the older, outdated logo. The ones taking place in the “present day” scenes are of a much more sleek, advanced logo. Maybe Westworld hadn’t updated all of their logos yet, but this could be a big sign that William’s in the past.

Maybe when the Man in Black refers to his first experiences with hosts like Dolores and Teddy, he’s recalling the events unfolding in William’s storyline. It’s been suggested that the MiB is also a veteran executive of a large corporation, while William is a rising VP of one when first arriving at Westworld.

There’s also the issue of the knife. The Man in Black carries a particular knife around the park, which is shown close-up in an encounter with Dr. Ford. Later, we see William carrying what appears to be the exact same knife will traveling with Dolores. It might be coincidental, or maybe William took a liking to the blade and carries it during every Westworld trip for luck.

Nothing definitely proves this theory as of yet. But with only three episodes remaining in the season, nothing debunks it either. It’s seeming more and more likely with each episode that the Man in Black will be revealed to be William, and that’s why the show has avoided giving Ed Harris’s character an actual name.