30 Westworld theories that totally make sense

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3. The hosts are living, breathing creatures, not just pleasure bots

Originally, Westworld featured only hosts filled with metal endoskeletons. They looked very convincing on the outside, but one look on the inside proves they’re nothing more than just robots. The Man in Black has said that these models were replaced with some kind of new “flesh and bone” version. According to the mysterious man, the reason for this was because it was cost effective, even though Westworld says it was to enhance the experience.

In any case, the Man in Black also tells an ailing Teddy Flood this information. He essentially says that he almost feels sorry for Teddy in light of the change. Teddy can supposedly actually feel suffering. The way the Man in Black says this really makes it seem like Teddy legitimately does feel pain and suffering.

This could make sense, given the mysterious way the hosts are created from scratch. We’re not entirely sure how these newer models function. Do they actually have nerve endings and an awareness of pain? Are these hosts really feeling the emotional and physical pain instead of just acting like they do because of their programming? Some viewers of the show tend to think so.