30 Westworld theories that totally make sense

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4. Dr. Ford himself is just another host

At this point, it feels like Dr. Ford is the biggest villain on the show. He shows very little value for human life, especially when it could interfere with his ideas for the park. Ford doesn’t consider the hosts to be anything more than mindless bots, yet at the same time, he shows a great admiration for them. Something strange is going on with Ford, in any case.

As you’ve read here today, there are plenty of “so-and-so is a host” theories out there. Maybe the most shocking reveal of all would be that Dr. Ford himself is a host. Perhaps he was created at the beginning by Arnold to serve as a right hand. Or maybe as he was aging, Ford made a synthetic version of himself. Could he also have transferred his consciousness into the bot?

This wouldn’t be too utterly surprising. Ford does have a recreation of his own family, after all, including a child version of himself. Perhaps there’s an older version of a Ford robot. He could be linked with all of the other droids in the park, and that’s how he keeps updated on all of the goings-on in Westworld.