30 Westworld theories that totally make sense

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5. Felix and Sylvester are hosts, as are all the staff

The storyline between the “butchers” Felix and Sylvester has been rather interesting. To be quite honest, they don’t seem to be the brightest guys. How is it they’re both able to land such a remarkable job working with these synthetics? They don’t exactly come across as professional, and the management at Westworld would seemingly question hiring these guys for this.

Some people suspect that Felix and/or Sylvester are robots, and that they’re just the tip of the iceberg. The security is so tight in this place that it’s hard to believe anything happens there without the higher-ups knowing. Felix and Sylvester have been aiding Maeve, who’s been getting more sentient. Has nobody else really not noticed this? Perhaps they have, and the butchers working with Maeve is all a part of testing the hosts.

One supporting piece of evidence goes back to Felix’s sudden interest in robotics. He is seen working on a malfunctioning synthetic bird, trying to fix what’s wrong with it. Sylvester seems very surprised when he learns this, noting that Felix has never shown such an interest in the mechanics before. Is this because his programming was updated?