30 Westworld theories that totally make sense

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9. Dr. Ford is recreating the people he kills as robots

Like some fans of Westworld were suspecting, Bernard was finally revealed to be a host. His behavior has all been completely calculated by Ford, who was using the droid to do his dirty work. By utilizing the Bernard host, Ford lures Theresa into the lab where he then has the robot kill her.

But what about Bernard’s memories? We have seen him having a conversation with his wife. There were also the visions of his son, who had passed away. Now, these could just be fabricated memories implanted into Bernard’s robotic mind. Or perhaps they really were Bernard’s memories… before Ford killed him and replaced him with a robot.

As this one goes, Ford covers up his murders by generating robotic clones of his victims. The skeleton you see being created as Bernard kills Theresa is going to be her replacement. Ford will then have a fake Theresa masquerading around as the real thing, further able to have more control within the board.

We don’t know who’s a host and who isn’t on this show. You can even take this one further and suggest that Ford is doing this to all of his own staff, as well.