30 Westworld theories that totally make sense

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10. The Westworld TV series is a sequel to the 1973 film

As we’ve already talked about, Westworld is based on a movie originally released in 1973. In that film, the robots malfunction and create some major problems in the park. That’s the primary motivation behind the TV show, taking that idea and fleshing it out. But is this a reboot of the 1973 movie, or could it be an actual sequel?

On the HBO show, characters mention there being a “catastrophe” which took place in the park 30 years ago. They haven’t yet gone into much more detail on what exactly happened during this time. It’s a possibility that they’re referring to the events of the movie, and that this is a continuation of that same story decades into the future.

Like many other theories about the show, those in charge refuse to confirm or deny anything. Jonathon Nolan, the series creator, did confirm that they used the film as a heavy basis of inspiration. But he stops shy of saying that it’s officially a sequel to the movie.

As of now, nobody can say for sure whether the HBO series is Westworld 2 or a completely new re-imagining. But if even the creator himself isn’t ruling the idea out, you’ve got to be open minded to the idea.