30 Westworld theories that totally make sense

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11. There are other themed parks aside from Westworld

You might already know that the Westworld TV series on HBO is actually based on an old feature film. In that original movie, the park actually consists of three separate areas. This includes West World, Roman World, and Medieval World. You could choose which particular area sounded the most interesting for you to explore.

Will something similar happen on the show? Nothing has been confirmed about there being other parks. But we might have gotten a couple of hints that this might be revealed at some point. And the first biggest piece comes straight from the official Westworld website created by HBO.

The website is designed in such a way that Westworld is presented as a real location you can visit. On this page, it lists Westworld as a “DELOS Destinations compound”. That strongly suggests there are other compounds one could visit, presumably similar to what we see on Westworld.

Further evidence comes from the showrunner himself when asked about the possibility of there being other words. He simply says that fans shouldn’t assume anything. So this doesn’t confirm that there are other parks, but it doesn’t deny it, either. Will we see more in the form of a spin-off at some point?