30 Westworld theories that totally make sense

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12. Delos is evolving the hosts into becoming “super soldiers”

The idea of Westworld is of course as a pleasure resort for people to unleash their hidden desires. Those who attend can rape and pillage if they really want, or they can play the hero and save the damsels if they prefer. In any case, the idea for the hosts in the park are to all merely serve as entertainment, and nohting more, to their guests.

But now it looks like the plans for the robots could be a little more sinister. We saw how Theresa was needed for what was called a “blood sacrifice”. Combine that with the superb shooting skills of of the hosts we’ve seen, even Dolores— who wasn’t supposed to be skilled with a weapon. What is this hinting to?

Possibly, Delos is building an army of super soldiers. Maybe they’re testing out their skills now in Westworld, and requiring these blood sacrifices to ensure they are able to kill. Who knows for what potential purpose these super soldiers would be needed for. It could be for their own protection, or perhaps they’re planning on starting some kind of war or takeover elsewhere. In any case, they seem to be loving that the hosts will kill on command.